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World of Tanks Blitz- Centurion 7/1 ace mastery 4.5k damage replay

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Centurion 7/1 is tier 9 British medium tank, which can do many amazing things like role-play a pseudo-heavy (when top tier), this tank is best played as a bully when top tier and when bottom tier then as support medium, you should make hills and ridges as your best friend as you have 10° of gun depression and strong turrent (it's not immune though but it works when moving back and forth), top speed is not amazing but you will always be around it, this tank supports 2 top guns, one with HEAT as premium ammo and another with high penetrating HESH, you must use HESH gun otherwise you'll be missing the actual fun of this tank. I am running calibrated shells, improved optics, supercharged, enhanced armour, engine accelerator, gun laying drive, multi-purpose restoration kit, repair kit (as you will be poking your turrent around your gun will be knocked out often) and adreline.
This battle was fun for me as I holded 3 enemies by myself and finished them while my team couldn't even deal with 4 enemies while having all 6 tanks at the battlefield (I got pis*ed after looking what they did), nevertheless we won the battle and I have shown some characteristic of Centurion 7/1 in this replay like bullying lower tier medium and light tanks, then switching my playstyle to gun depression medium while dealing with Amx 50 120 and lastly spamming premium ammo like a gold noob... (in public battle they really cry for spamming most skilled premium ammo).

Tags: World of Tanks Blitz Centurion 7/1 ace mastery wotb cent 7/1 ace

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