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2018 Polaris RZR Turbo S Review and Test Drive - Extreme UTV EP39

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On this episode of Extreme UTV we are heading to Vegas to test drive the brand new Polaris RZR Turbo S. DISCLAIMER: This is our opinion and ours alone. Polaris did not pay for us to do this review. We were pumped when we got the invite to test drive the new Polaris RZR XP Turbo S. This is not just a standard turbo RZR with a long travel kit, the entire RZR has been redesigned from the ground up to handle long travel suspension and massive 32" Tires. Some of the biggest changed are a better looking cage although it is still made out of the thin material of the original cages. 4 point harnesses are stock on these, but you will need to purchase some seat pass thrus as they are pretty much useless without them. All of the suspension is built stronger and wider. This beast of a RZR is 72" wide and features the most travel on the market according to the Polaris Engineers. The massive RS1 diff is used in the front. We were surprised to see that the engine stayed basically the same with some mild tuning and clutching to handle the larger tires. Come on Polaris in the horsepower war all you had to do was add a few horsepower and you could have bragging rights. All in all we pushed this machine to new limits and the dynamix suspension took everything we threw at it. It was faster than my fully built KOH UTV. The 72" width does take some time to get used to but is well worth it for the dunes or the desert. Probably not the best for East coast woods racing and hill killing like we do. We were so impressed with the Dynamix active suspension that a regular turbo with that option will be our next purchase. Let us know what you think of this brand new machine in the comments.

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