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World of Tanks Live Stream [WoT Guru] [English - NA] [376 Tanks] [Viewer Tank Requests] 03/11/2018

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Спасибо! Поделитесь с друзьями!


Вам не понравилось видео. Спасибо за то что поделились своим мнением!

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New to the stream? Read the video description for commands, tip links, and the tank request list.

https://streamlabs.com/codymenz ---Tips
Streamlabs tips will show up on the stream. Messages attached only I see unless otherwise stated. Thank you for the support :)

Direct link to PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/CodyMenz

I am an Amazon Affiliate! Have shopping to do and want to help support the stream? Click this link to Amazon.com and any purchase made via this link will help me run the show!
USA Residents: https://amzn.to/2sS3Q0y
Canadian Residents: https://amzn.to/2sLOQGu
UK Residents: https://amzn.to/2svsCEk

***Current Stream Schedule***
(Sundays) 7pm-10pm EST (World of Tanks)
(Wednesdays) 8am-12pm EST (World of Tanks)
(Thursdays) 7pm-10pm EST (World of Tanks)

Tank Request List: https://wotguru.com/world-tanks-live-stream/live-stream-tank-request-list/

***Standard Stream Commands***
!rank (returns watch time and amount of stream currency)
!request tankname | ex: !request t110e5 (adds tank to request queue of tanks I am playing)
!flipcoin #ofLBtobet | ex: !flipcoin 100 (bet LBs for a chance to double your bet)
!rolldice 1-6 | ex: rolldice 5 (auto bets 100 LBs for a chance to win 600 LBs, pick a number 1-6)
!give username amount | ex: !give Bob 5000 (gives another user some of your LBs)
!LevisTopGroupie (returns viewer with the most watch time)
!TopBiscuitHolder (returns viewer with the most LBs)
!schedule (returns current stream schedule)
!pcspecs (current pc specs)
!tankrequestlist (supplies link to the tanks currently in my garage)

***Stream Shop Commands***
!TipLeviBiscuit (Tips Levi a dog treat) Costs 1000 LB [30m user cooldown]
!TipLeviToy (Tips Levi a dog toy) Costs 5000 LB [60m global cooldown]
!Challenge [tank] (1.5x HP Challenge in any tier 5+ tank) Costs 3000 LB [60m user cooldown]
!DeluxeChallenge [tank] (2x HP Challenge in any tier 8+ tank) Costs 6000 LB [60m user cooldown]
!UltimateChallenge (2.5x HP Challenge in a tank of my choosing) Costs 8000 LB [60m user cooldown but plz 1-2 per stream max]
!ChangeOverlayColor [Pick 1: Blue-Teal-Orange-Green-Red-Purple-Retro-CottonCandy] Costs 1500 LB [30m global cooldown]
!MichaelBayPlaysTanks (Pick any tank with 120mm+ gun and i'll only use HE in it) Costs 8500 LB [60m user cooldown]
!OverwhelmCodyWithChallenges (All viewer requests become 1.5x HP challenges, 500 LB for victors) Costs 20000 LB [1 per stream max]
!CheffyChef (I wear my Chef uniform during the stream) Costs 8500 LB [1 per stream max]
!ChristmasComesEarly (I wear an ugly x-mas sweater + hat during the stream) Costs 8500 LB [1 per stream max]
!HippyTanker (I dress up as a hippy tanker during the stream) Costs 8500 LB [1 per stream max]

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/dpYmZWh

Check out my website for World of Tanks. Weak spot guides,map strategy, tips, tank guides, and much more!

My PC Specs:

***About The Stream***
My name is Cody and I primarily live stream World of Tanks. I have been creating guides and other content for World of Tanks since 2011 when I started the game. Live streaming did not come around until early 2016 on a regular basis. Unlike a lot of streamers I interact with chat to the best of my ability every stream and allow the viewers to pick what I play. I wouldn't expect you to watch me if you didn't see the tanks you are interested in.

World of Tanks is an online PC video game created by Wargaming.net. All images,video, and audio of World of Tanks in this video are used with express written permission from Wargaming.net

World of Tanks User License Agreement:

World of Tanks Website:

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

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