VAN TOUR | Beautiful DIY Camper Van Conversion // minimal millennials
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VAN TOUR | Beautiful DIY Camper Van Conversion // minimal millennials

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VAN TOUR | Beautiful DIY Camper Van
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The new van tour is FINALLY HERE. We couldn't be more excited to show you guys everything about our tiny home on wheels. Our diy camper van conversion is where we live full time and have done some unique things to make van life the most sustainable for us. Ready to see it? Check out the video!

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We're Christian and Aubry, a couple traveling North America (and maybe a tad bit of Central America and South America) in our converted Sprinter Van. On Minimal Millennials, we love chatting about what van life is REALLY like, tips that make it possible to travel on a budget, and how we incorporate minimalism into our every-day lives.

MUSIC: Seoulite // Joe Bae

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